Award Ceremony for WFF PhD Prize Held at NTU

_Five Pize Winners from NTU_

Environmental protection and sustainable development are key concerns for both NTU and the World Future Foundation, a grant-making organisation that supports programmes related to ecological and environmental protection. Reflecting their shared priorities, the NTU-World Future Foundation PhD Prize in Environmental and Sustainability Research was set up in April this year.

On 14 July, an award ceremony was held to honour the first five recipients of the prestigious award, the first of its kind in Singapore recognising excellence in doctoral-level environmental and sustainability research. Prof Lam Khin Yong, NTU’s Associate Provost (Graduate Education & Special Projects), noted the winners were selected from 22 nominations out of more than 300 possible candidates from NTU. All candidates were judged on a set of criteria that includes the societal and economic relevance of their research, evidence of novelty, and a demonstrated passion for environmental and sustainability research.

Each award winner received US$10,000 and a specially designed trophy. The winners and their dissertations are as below:
– Dr. Goh Kok Hui: Sorption of oxyanions on nanocrystalline Ma/Al layered double hydroxides _Sorption Characteristics, mechanisms and matrix interferences
– Dr. Zhu Miao: Advanced DC-DC power conversion topologies and mathematical analytical methods
– Dr. Teh Yong Liang: Development of the revolving vane compressor
– Dr. Chang Wei Wei Joyce: Development of new C-N bond formation strategies based on transition metal-catalyzed amidation and aziridination of activated C-H and C-C bonds
– Dr. Rujee Lorpitthaya: Synthetic and mechanistic approaches to biologically potent aminoglycosides via diversified aziridination patterns

According to Mr Lu Bo, Managing Director of the World Future Foundation, the award essentially recognises outstanding work and aims to fulfil global aspirations. “The World Future Foundation PhD Prize is really to encourage the winners to continue their active search for new thinking and solutions to help the world overcome environmental crises. Today’s winning students could possibly become tomorrow’s Nobel laureates,” he said.

Prof Ng Wun Jern, Chairman of the World Future Foundation PhD Prize Selection Committee and Executive Director of NTU’s Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute (NEWRI), hopes the inaugural winners will see the practical value of their research, which spans topics such as materials that absorb pollutants and new energy-efficient technologies. At the award ceremony, he also touched on NTU’s sustainability thrust and the pillars supporting this drive such as the Earth Observatory of Singapore, Singapore Centre on Environmental Life Sciences Engineering, Energy Research Institute @ NTU and NEWRI.

Mr. Chan Siew Wei, Director of World Future Foundation also presented the award ceremony.

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