Feng Lun and Lu Bo Visit Taipei

_Dr. Feng (right) Speeching at a forum held by SEE in Taipei_


From Oct 14 to 20, 2010, Dr Feng Lun, Chairman of World Future Foundation (WFF), and Mr Lu Bo, Managing Director of WFF, visited several charities, environmental agencies and educational institutions in Taipei.

They attended the Cross-strait Green Economic Development Forum held by the Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology(SEE) in Taipei. They also visited the Chang Yung-fa Foundation, The Environmental Quality Protection Foundation, The Hima Foundation, The Keelung River Union, Tzu Chi Foundation and other charities and environmental organizations in Taiwan.

SEE was established on June 5, 2004. It was gathered from well-known Chinese entrepreneurs to fund the Environmental Protection Agency. SEE is a membership-based non-governmental organization (NGO). It is also a public good nature of environmental protection agencies . Dr Feng Lun, Chairman of WFF, was one of the founders of SEE and has been the backbone of SEE for the past six years.

In addition, Dr Feng and Mr Lu had also visited the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). During the visit, they discussed with NTNU about working together on a social & cultural research project in Taiwan.

_Lu Bo Participating a forum held by SEE in Taipei_