Feng Lun Attends World Climate Conference in Cancun

_Dr. Feng Accepting Interview in Cancun_


At the beginning of December 2010, Dr Feng Lun, Chairman of World Future Foundation (WFF) and President of Vantone Group, participated in the World Climate Conference in Cancun, Mexico. This was his second time attending the Conference following the last COP 15 meeting in Copenhagen in early December, 2009.

The 16th United Nations Climate Change Conference meeting was held from November 29th to December 10th. The aim of the meeting was to gather heads of states together and discuss the overall action plan for saving the planet and curb global warming. The meeting had two main positive outcomes. Firstly, it adhered to the treaty United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Kyoto Protocol, the resolution ‘Bali Roadmap’, and the “common but differentiated responsibilities " principle, which could ensure that the next year’s negotiation will be carried out continually as the twin-track approach set in Bali Roadmap. Secondly, headway was made in negotiations related to many issues that developing countries are facing such as adaptation, technology transfer, financing and capacity-building. In short, the ongoing negotiations gave a positive signal to the global society.

In order to let the participants of the conference hear the voices from China, a “China Day” activity was held on Dec. 6th where a good platform was given for foreign and local entrepreneurs to exchange experiences in the development of low-carbon economy. This was the first time China’s low-carbon economy practices were presented in a conference containing such a strong, concentrated presence of powerful, climate change focused individuals. Dr Feng attended the “China Day” and said that participating in the Climate Conference was a day of absorbing, responding, thinking and acting. Furthermore, he left the conference with the ideas and information worthy of being put into practice. He was concerned that the social impact of Chinese enterprises’ philanthropy had already surpassed their own strength in international status. China’s philanthropy institutions had already begun to play an important role in international arena.