Five NUS Students Receive WFF PhD Prize

_Awarding Guests Together with Prize Winners, NUS_

Five exceptional NUS students received the inaugural World Future Foundation (WFF) PhD Prize in Environmental and Sustainability Research. WFF, a philanthropic foundation incorporated in Singapore, is dedicated to promoting research on environmental and sustainability. It was established by eminent social entrepreneur and real estate tycoon Dr Feng Lun, who is also Founder and Chairman of the Beijing Vantone Industrial Co Ltd.

At the WFF Award Ceremony held on 13 July 2010, NUS Vice Provost (Education) Prof Tan Thiam Soon urged the prize winners never to stop learning. Prof Tan noted: "When I was informed about the World Future Foundation’s intention to support a drive in Environment and Sustainability by establishing a prize in NUS to recognise excellence in our students who research in this area, I was filled with gratitude as the support that WFF gives will go a long way to encourage more of the best of our students to take up research that can contribute to solving environmental problems and developing sustainability solutions."

Conveying the purpose of establishing this Prize, Managing Director of the World Future Foundation Mr Lu Bo said that "[It] is to resolve environmental problems and facilitate sustainable development by applying philanthropic concepts, power of wealth and technological innovations. With this Prize, we expect and hope to enhance global research into environmental and sustainable practices, and make a greater contribution to humanity. We are initiating a new undertaking that is of great importance."

He added: "This Prize would be the first step in creating a long term partnership where WFF supports NUS to strengthen research and development leadership in these fields."

Mr. Chan Siew Wei, Director of World Future Foundation also presented the award ceremony.

The inaugural WFF Awards recipients, who will each receive prize money of US$10,000 and a specially designed trophy, are:

• Dr He Jun, Faculty of Engineering
"Occurrence and Fate of Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds in the Tropical Atmosphere"

• Dr Deng Da, Faculty of Engineering
"Lithium-ion Batteries for Green Energy Storage"

• Dr M M Faruque Hasan, Faculty of Engineering
"Modeling and Optimisation of a Liquefied Natural Gas Process"

• Dr Wang Yan, Faculty of Science
"Pervaporation Membrane Materials based on Torlon Polyamidelmide"

• Dr Steve Kardinal Jusuf, School of Design and Environment
"Development of Estate Level Climate Related Impact Assessment Framework and Air Temperature Prediction within Urban Climatic Mapping Method in Singapore"

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_Mr. Lu Bo (left) with Prof Tan Thiam Soon (right) at the award ceremony_