Liang Shangyong, Chan Siew Wei Visits Real Estate Projects of Vantone in Beijing

_Dr. Liang Shangyong and Mr. Chan Siew Wei at Vantone Exhibition_


During the break of WFF's 2nd BOD meeting on October 21 and 22, 2009, Word Future Foundation Directors Dr Liang Shangyong and Mr Chan Siew Wei visited the Real Estate projects of the Vantone Group in Beijing.

With Mr Lu Bo, Managing Director of WFF, they visited several real estate projects from different periods and different types, including Central Park, Ch'ien Men 23, Legacy Town, Yayun New Home and others. With two-day’s visits, the directors better understood the development history and prospects of the business of Dr Feng Lun, Chairman of WFF and his devotion to philanthropy, and strengthened their confidence in WFF.