Lu Bo Appointed as Director of The Research Center for International Dispute Resolution

_Jing Yunchuan (left) Shaking Hands with Jiang Xu Fan (right), a Senior Leader of BFSU_


Mr Lu Bo, Managing Director of World Future Foundation, was appointed as Board Director of The Research Center for International Dispute Resolution (RCIDR) on March 25, 2009.

RCIDR was jointly founded by Law School of Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) in China and Beijing Gaotong Law Firm last December in Bejing, China. Mr Jing Yunchuan, a senior lawyer and founder of RCIDR, was elected as Chairman of the Board.

With a combination of international legal theory, teaching and practice, RCIDR conducts deep research on various methods of dispute resolution, such as transnational litigation, arbitration and mediation, to provide guidance and assistance to the resolution of international disputes.  These methods must meet the requirements of economic globalization, and must tightly cooperate with legal theory, teachings and practice circles home and abroad. RCIDR also organizes scientific activities with sister law schools and Science Research Institutions, and brings forward policy suggestions on anti-dumping, anti-monopoly, and anti-subsidy in international trade.

Due to his extensive experience and professional skills in non-profit organization management and international affairs, Mr Lu Bo was invited to sit on the board of the Center.