PhD Awards Gift Design Competition Ends

_The Winning Design of Allan Toh_

The design competition started in the School of Design and Environment (SDE), National University of Singapore (NUS) on March 2, 2010. The competition aims at designing innovative gifts for the winners of the “World Future Foundation PhD Prize in Environmental and Sustainability Research”.


With the help of faculty, students majoring in industrial design actively participated with more than 30 submissions. The judging criteria of the competition included innovation in design, reflection of the meaning of the awards and the cost to manufacture. The top 3 designers have been selected, and Mr. Allan Toh received the first prize.

Besides being an award trophy, Allan Toh's work is also a table lamp. It consists of a transparent acrylic sheet that is bent at an angle and connected to an LED housing. The acrylic sheet is engraved with the abstract shape of a tree and the title of the competition. Leaves on the tree are arranged in a rhythmic pattern, pointing upwards to signify prosperity, hope and growth. When it is connected to the light source at the base, the engravings elegantly glow and lights up the area around, creating a stunning effect.

Allan Toh majored in industrial design and just graduated from NUS this summer. He also spent a semester on an exchange program at Lund University, Sweden. He enjoys observing and appreciating the simple details of life and has received some other design awards in the fields of furniture and graphic designs.