The Philanthropy Bridge Foundation Visits WFF

_Mrs.Olga Alexeeva (first from left) and Mr. Lu Bo (first from right) and others on discussion_


On April 1st, 2011, Mr Lu Bo, Managing Director of World Future Foundation (WFF), met with Mrs Olga Alexeeva, CEO, and Mrs Oranutt Narapruet, Development Director, from The Philanthropy Bridge Foundation (PBF) in Beijing.

PBF was established in 2010 in London as an international non-profit organization, to create a link between donors and charities among emerging market countries and around the world. Mrs Olga Alexeeva, CEO as well as the Founder of PBF, has worked prior at the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) for 17 years as Director of Russian Office and Head of CAF Global Trustees. She was responsible for the overall management of CAF Global Trustees, the establishment of a foundation and its promotion, and general CAF services within Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, India and China and beyond.

Mr Lu Bo explained the current situation of WFF and on-going programs in Singapore. He pointed out that WFF is the first philanthropic foundation in Singapore funded by entrepreneurs from mainland China and professionally managed by an international team. WFF aims to establish an international platform, integrating the powers of global public-spirited elites to resolve environmental problems and facilitate sustainable development by applying philanthropic concepts, power of wealth and technical means.

Mrs Olga spoke highly of WFF’s view on philanthropy, and agreed that there are no national boundaries in philanthropy. She said, “PBF is aiming to bridge class, cultural and institutional divides around the world by engaging individuals and corporations in proactive, innovative and responsible philanthropy.” Presently, several core programs of PBF have extended to Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, India and China, such as Philanthropic Education, Tailored Advice and Donor’s Dialogue.

PBF expressed the willingness of doing philanthropic research and education programs in China and Singapore. Both sides will keep in touch and seek opportunities for further cooperation.