WFF Discusses with Two Shanghai NGOs

_Picture of members attending the discussion_


On the afternoon of Oct. 27, 2010, three directors of World Future Foundation (WFF), Dr Liang Shangyong, Mr Chan Siew Wei and Mr Lu Bo, met with Wu Chong, director of Cherished Dream China Education Foundation (CDEF), Susan Wang, Deputy Director of Non-Profit Incubator (NPI), and Alex Xu, program manager of NPI at Jin Jiang Hotel in Shanghai, China.

With the founders’ extensive experience in the financial industry in China, the CDEF strives to be a leader in bringing modern management methods to the running of their charity. Complete transparency of its financial situation is to be achieved through advanced corporate governance. NPI is a non-governmental organization founded with the support from the government, international and domestic funding organizations, enterprises and academics. Since its establishment, NPI takes it as its mission to advance social innovation and to foster social entrepreneurs, aiming to provide substantial support to start-up, small or medium-sized social enterprises, and at the same time, to explore a way for the development of NGO supporting organizations at the early stage of China’s philanthropy.

The two NGOs introduced their projects respectively, and discussed with WFF about the development trends of philanthropy worldwide, particularly in China. The discussion strengthened the mutual understanding between WFF and China’s local NGOs.