WFFÕs 1st BOD Meeting Held in Singapore

_from left to right: Liang Shangyong, Feng Lun, Chan Siew Wei and Lu Bo_


The first BOD Meeting of the World Future Foundation was held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Singapore on May 3, 2009. WFF Directors Dr Feng Lun, Dr Liang Shangyong, Mr Chan Siew Wei and Mr Lu Bo were present.

Dr Feng Lun, Chairman of the meeting, made the opening remarks. The Chairman sent his warmest regards to all Board members for attending the First Directors’ Meeting of WFF, and sincere thanks for all their hard work.

In view of the charity status of the company, the Chairman advised that the board members and employees should follow all rules and regulations as set out in the company’s policy and should provide transparency and comprehensive information for the financial statements.

In addition, all Board members and employees should always work seriously and improve their knowledge and professional skill in the management of the charity and philanthropy work.

After the opening remarks, Mr Lu Bo, Managing Director of WFF, presented the report and the annual budget.  The directors then discussed the fund-raising strategy and future plans of WFF. The board made sure that all the resolutions since the date of the incorporation, the logo and the slogan were approved by all members. The board also passed the Financial Self-disciplines.

_The scene of the meeting_